Fresco Candy Floss Machine SC-M03
Fresco Candy Floss Machine SC-M03 Cotton Candy Kuala Lumpur, KL, Malaysia Supply, Supplier, Suppliers | Fresco Cocoa Supply PLT
Cara Membuat Gula Gula Kapas - Cotton Candy Floss Machine Candy Floss Machine - Gula Kapas Mesin

Candy Floss Machine Instruction£º

1¡¢Switch on the button, let candy floss machine preheat 1-2 minutes. Then switch off the button.

2¡¢Take a spoon of sugar (color sugar) and put into the center of the spinner.

3¡¢Switch on the button and let the spinner turning.

4¡¢About 1-2 minutes the candy floss machine will spread out the candy floss.

5   Afterworking continuously for one hour, twenty minutes should be suspended for rest, and then start working. This is to extend the shelf life of the motor.


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