Waffle Hotdog Electric Machine FR-119
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Waffle Stick Electric Machine FR-119

The phenomenal success of Waffle Hotdog has opened the door for many entrepreneurs to start their own waffle stick business. Everyone else wants to learn the trade secrets. However, the success of the business does not only lie on the recipe itself. It's a combination of marketing strategy, good location, quality product and service, and branding.

It's up to you to try adding some twist to this basic waffle recipe before competing with the other established brands.

We are teaching customers to use Chocolate,Peanut Butter, Strawberry Jam, Hotdog Cheese, Chicken Ham, Chicken Floss, Oreo Floss fillings aside from the usual hotdog, other waffle carts use fruit jams as fillings.

Waffle Stick Machine Electric
Model: FR-119
Size: 435mm X 410mm X 325mm
Volts : 220V
HP: 1.5 kw
Net weight : 9kg
6 stick !

Waffle Machine Come With Timer


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