Chocolate Melter Machine with 2 cylinders
Chocolate Melter Machine with 2 cylinders Chocolate Warmer Pot Kuala Lumpur, KL, Malaysia Supply, Supplier, Suppliers | Fresco Cocoa Supply PLT

1)      Model: FRD2002-2

2)      Power: 1800 W

3)      Voltage: AC220/50HZ

4)      Packaging Size: 55*43*25cm

5)      Pot Height: 10cm

6)      Pot Size: 33*18*10cm

7)      Weight: 10kg

8)      Chocolate Melting Capacity: 8KG

9)      Chocolate thermostat cylinder, use impermeable heat. (Use Water Heating)

10)   Usingwater heating; the heat pipe is made of 304 # stainless steel tube. It has drainage and exhaust devices.

11)   The heating temperature is adjustable. 

12)   It is suitable for Handmade Chocolate Shop, Café, Doughnut Shop, bakery shop as so on.


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