40cm POF Heat Shrink Film
40cm POF Heat Shrink Film Packaging Kuala Lumpur, KL, Malaysia Supply, Supplier, Suppliers | Fresco Cocoa Supply PLT
We have 4 sizes:
25cm Width x 355m Estimated Long (Weight 3.1kg)
30cm Width x 355m Estimated Long (Weight 3.7kg)
35cm Width x 355m Estimated Long (Weight 4.4kg)
40cm Width x 355 Estimated Long (Weight 5kg)
(Thickness of the POF is 1.9c)
Product information
Name: Heat Shrink Film Wrap Roll |  Heat Shrink Bag POF Film 
Thickness of the POF: 1.9c
Color: Transparent
Applicable places:  food, beverages, cosmetics, health products, stationery, daily necessities, crafts, toys, electronic products, such as packaging. Can play a close, solid, waterproof, dust and beautiful role.
Common use:
- Food Packaging
- Toys
- Packaging Boxes
- Houseware Products
- Stationary
- Food Grade
- Strong Seal strength
- Shrink completely & Quickly
- Excellent clarity and a glossy appearance
#Heat Shrink Wrap Roll 
#Heat Shrink Bag POF
#POF Ĥ   
25cm Heat Shrink Roll (3.1kg): RM68
30m Heat Shrink Roll (3.7kg): RM81
35cm Heat Shrink Roll (4.4kg): RM95
40cm Heat Shrink Roll (5kg): RM108
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