Fountain and Chocolate Requirements:

Chocolate Fountain*:
  • Chocolate Fountain SS0110 – For Household unit
    - Rental RM50 per day (For Monday – Friday)
    - Rental RM80 per day (For Saturday – Friday)
  • SS0110 Machine Height 40cm, Chocolate usage 1 kg. 
  1. Refundable deposit will be collect upon pick-up for RM300 per unit cash only. 
  2. Failure to return after 24 hours. Late payment will incur a fee of RM50.00. Each subsequent day will be levied at RM50.00 for a maximum of 3 days. After which the deposit will be forfeited. 
  3. Rental does not include fountain chocolate.
  4. It is compulsory to purchase our Brand: “Chocolate-Line” Fountain Chocolate.

Chocolate Fountain Refill Retail Packing:
  • Milk Fountain Dipping Candy 1kg per bag RM48
  • Pure Milk Fountain Chocolate 1kg per bag RM55
  • 58% Dark Fountain Chocolate 1kg per bag RM60

  • Purchase 1 bag Milk Fountain Dipping Candy , 1 bag Pure Milk Fountain Chocolate , 1 bag 58% Dark Fountain Chocolate , total 3 bags for just only RM100.
  • Purchase 3 bags Pure Milk Fountain Chocolate for just only RM110
  • Purchase 3 bags 58% Dark Fountain Chocolate for just only RM110
  • Purchase 3 bags Milk Fountain Dipping Candy for just only RM100

Chocolate Fountain Refill Commercial Packing:
  • Milk Fountain Dipping Candy 5kg/carton RM115
  • Milk Fountain Dipping Candy 25kg/carton RM475
  • White Fountain Chocolate per tube/6kg RM125
  • Butter Scotch Chocolate per tube/6kg RM135

Terms and conditions:
  • Own Pick-up: 62-1 ,Jalan Metro Pudu 2, Fraser Business Park, Off Jalan Yew, 55100 Kuala Lumpur . Rental Coordinator: Nani 0162271167.
  • Please pick up the fountain and chocolate in the morning & return by the next day (within 24 hours).
  • Please allow 2-3 working days for us to process and confirm your booking.
  • Compulsory purchase Chocolate – Line Fountain Chocolate for rental of our Chocolate Fountain Machine

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