Fresco Home Vintage Collection Cotton Candy Maker CCM-500
Fresco Home Vintage Collection Cotton Candy Maker CCM-500 Cotton Candy Kuala Lumpur, KL, Malaysia Supply, Supplier, Suppliers | Fresco Cocoa Supply PLT

  Uses flossing sugar or a favorite brand of hard candy or sugar-free candy to spin a delicious treat

·  Includes a clear rim guard to easily see each batch being made

·  Counter-top size

·  Includes two reusable plastic cotton candy cones and 1 tablespoon sugar measuring scoop

·  Fun to watch flossing action


This Old Fashioned Cotton Candy Maker is modeled after antique cotton candy carts of the early 1900s. It's easy to use, safe and fun for everyone to enjoy! Simply pour the sugar mixture into the top, turn the unit on and instantly make fresh carnival-style cotton candy right in your own home.


  • Brand New w/ Factory Backed Warranty.
  • Countertop-Sized Home Cotton Candy Maker w/ Old Fashioned Antique Styling.
  • Ideal For Bringing Carnival Flavor & Fun Into Your Home.
  • Includes Cotton Candy Cone Holder + Two (2) Plastic Cones & 1 Packet Of Cotton Candy Mix!
  • Air Spin Design Uses Flavored Sugars To Produce Delicious Results.



1. Stick the sucker well on the table before operating. Pre-heat the machine 1 min. before operating for faster candy making process.

2. Put 1 scoop of sugar at a time.

3. On power.

4. The black disk will turn.

5. The candy floss will come out after 5-10mins.

6. Use Candy floss stick to roll up the candy. After all candy is ready , and you want to make more candy for next round, please off the machine, and repeat step 2 and 3 again.

(Not Suitable for Commercial Used)

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