Fresco Takoyaki Gas Machine FR-56.R , 2 plate 28 Holes
Fresco Takoyaki Gas Machine FR-56.R , 2 plate 28 Holes Takoyaki Machine Kuala Lumpur, KL, Malaysia Supply, Supplier, Suppliers | Fresco Cocoa Supply PLT
Takoyaki Machine Gas FY56.R– (2 plate 28 holes)


Net weight:17kg


1.Double plate Takoyaki machine FR-56.R Gas
2.Luxury appearance
3.High efficiency
4.Full stainless steel


1.All stainless steel;

2.Luxurious appearance design, safe and reasonable structure;

3.The fish board edible non-stick coating to be hygeian;

4.It is through the strict gas test, no more CO;

5.Thick and cover plate design ,the use permanent no deformation;

6.quipped with electronic ignition devices and special fire view window, can observing the size of the fire;

7.Set the thermal insulation layer , improve efficiency safely;

8.The rotary switch is S shape design, more personalized.

Practical image of the ball plate

28pcs of holes each plate

Diameter of hole: 3.85CM
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