Takoyaki 2 in 1 Maker
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Takoyaki 2 in 1 Maker

Takoyaki & Tepanyaki 2 in 1 Electric Maker

Model: EHT-298
Power: 700W
Voltage: AC220V
On/Off Switch
Non-Stick Cooking Surface, easy for cleaning
Interchangeable takoyaki and flat plate
Takoyaki Plate makes up to 20 takoyaki balls
Flat plate cooks pancake , eggs , meats and more
Size: W300 X D215 X H65mm
Weight: 2.1kg
Warranty : 3 months
Replaceable pan (takoyaki plate with flat pan);
20 holes takoyaki plate , Grill Chicken Grill Sausage
Flat Pan Can be used to grill burger ayam, crab meat
nonstick pan plate, easy for cleaning
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