Airwheel Electric Smart Luggage Scooter FSE3MINIT
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Ride Boarding Luggage 20inch Airwheel Electric Smart Luggage Scooter FSE3MINIT

•    Smart ridding small boarding trolly case boarding allowed
•    Suitable for travelling and ridding when the airport is too big. Elderly can bring this smart ridding luggage to Mecca.
•    Removable Lithium Battery Imported from Japan. The lithium battery imported from Japan is easy to disassemble and replace. The removable battery meets the needs of airline boarding and is convenient for travel. (Battery: 73.26WH)
•    Aluminium alloy frame
•    Motor warranty 1 year in Malaysia.
•    Charger, battery, controller warranty 6 months in Malaysia.
•    We have ready parts and technician for after sales and service.

•    Telescopic Handle: one-button automatic telescopic, reasonable height design, more comfortable to use.
•    Ridding Luggage: branded pc + ABS material. Combined with German-imported PC cover and Taiwan Chi Mei ABS, waterproof, scratch-resistant and not easy to be deformed.
•    Intelligent Lighting System: original designed for safety, it gives indication and attract more attention during riding.
•    This Smart Ridding Luggage is Patented.
•    Aluminium frame, 100kg load, 6 series high-grade aluminium alloy one-piece frame, supporting structure strength to ensure that the luggage can withstand greater loads.
•    Reasonable Storage Partition: the side is opened with a large capacity of 26L, and the partition is reasonable and convenient to take.
•    Lithium Battery: 73.26WH, you can charge your smartphone, tablet and MP4 game console
•    Switch between suitcase mode and riding mode freely it will providing a stress-free riding experience
•    TSA custom lock
•    Powerful motor
•    USB interface: you can charge your mobile devices when you are away
•    Multiple Usage: one luggage is multi-purpose, can be a suitcase, can be a scooter, can be a mobile seat, can be a toy car, work attendance, sightseeing, short-distance transportation, transportation transfer

Product Detail:
•    Luggage Scooter Size: 38.5 x 25 x 57.5cm
•    Motor Type: Wheel hub motor
•    Motor Power: 100w
•    Pedal height: 15.2cm
•    Tire Size: 4 inch
•    Max Loading: 100kg
•    Max Speed: 8km/h
•    Range estimate: 6-8km
•    Lithium Battery Power: 73.26WH

What is Included:
•    1 Malaysia Charger
•    1 Battery
•    1 Smart luggage Scooter
•    1 Seat Pad
•    1 Menu Book
•    1 Fresco Warranty Card


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