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Introducing Fresco's New Spaghetti Ice Cream Press Maker, an ingenious tool that transforms your favorite ice cream or gelato into delightful strands that resemble spaghetti. Perfect for impressing guests, delighting children, or just adding a unique twist to your dessert presentation. Whether for special occasions, themed parties, or everyday fun, this Spaghetti Ice Cream Press Maker is your key to culinary creativity.



Product size: (L)65 x (W)25 x (H)56cm

Durable Construction: Crafted with high-quality, food-safe materials that are built to last.

Ergonomic Design: Designed for ease of use, it ensures a comfortable grip and effortless pressing.

Easy Cleaning: Simple to disassemble and clean, ensuring hygiene and longevity.

Versatile: Suitable for a wide variety of ice cream and gelato flavors.


Care Instructions:

After each use, disassemble the press maker.

Wash each part in warm, soapy water.

Rinse thoroughly and allow to air dry.

Avoid using abrasive scouring pads or cleaners to maintain the product's appearance.


Safety Precautions:

Keep out of reach of small children.

Use only as directed.

Do not apply excessive force as it may damage the product.


Enhance your dessert presentation and explore creative possibilities with the Manual Spaghetti Ice Cream Press Maker. Your guests will be intrigued, your kids will be excited, and your desserts will never be the same again!


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